Sample DTS Planning and Schedule

Sample DTS Weekly Schedule with Weekly Corporate Practices

The corporate practices support the weekly topic 

Example Topic: God’s Heart for the Nations/Missions

Intercession: select a First Nations People Group. Spend time interceding and calling forth the truth of who God created them to be and for any needs they have (Christian Magna Carta)

Worship: focus on God’s desire of every tongue, tribe and nation to be represented around his throne

Small Groups: research a people group and present their findings to the class during Devotion Time

Cultural Celebration: hosted on Friday night where people come in their traditional dress and share traditional foods

Sample DTS Lecture Phase with Occasional Corporate Practices

Sample DTS Outreach Phase Schedule with Corporate Practices

The weekly corporate practices support the flow and focus of the Outreach, as well as supporting the reflection, integration and application from the whole DTS. They provide times for deepening the learning, application and transformation that occurred during the Lecture Phase, as well as providing an opportunity for further integration of learning and transformation into desires, thoughts and actions in every part of day to day living. Obviously, occasional corporate practices such as celebration will also continue through this time.
N.B. in the schedule above one-on-ones take place during travel to and from ministry. This time can also be used for preparation or ministry.