Sample DTS Planning and Schedule

Sample DTS Weekly Schedule with Weekly Corporate Practices The corporate practices support the weekly topic  Example Topic: God’s Heart for the Nations/Missions Intercession: select a

DTS Design Sample 1

Week 1: Called to a Body, YWAM Family and community ACTIVITY / CONTENT Understanding YWAM / DTS. Community living and practicing one another passages. Right

Curriculum Categories

The Bible Who is God In the Beginning What Went Wrong? The New Beginning Becoming a People like Jesus who Bear Kingdom Fruit Engaging with

The Bible

The Bible, both the Old and New Testament, identified by the earliest followers of Jesus and passed on through the ages is God’s specific revelation

Who is God?

Jesus, through his person, actions and teaching, is the ultimate revelation of who God is. Through the gift of the promised Holy Spirit, the disciples

In the Beginning

The Genesis account begins by saying that the earth was “formless and empty”. Over the course of the first three days, God brings form. Over

What Went Wrong?

Satan is a created angel, who in pride, rebelled against God. The Bible implies that ⅓ of the population of angelic beings rebelled along with

A New Beginning: Jesus Christ

At the beginning of the New Testament, John the Baptist announces the kingdom is near and preaches a baptism of repentance. He announces that one

Glossary of Terms

BEAR KINGDOM FRUIT Through the empowering of Holy Spirit we co -labor with Jesus to bear fruit that contributes to God’s kingdom purposes in all