Designing the DTS including Corporate Practices

As you design the 50 hour learning week for the Lecture and Outreach Phase, keep the following in mind. Discipleship takes place through experiential relational processes that deepen relationship with God and others, while responsibly serving God’s purposes in the world.

Christian practices engage a disciple in an experiential relational process. The Church, beginning in the book of Acts, practiced fellowship, care of widows, breaking bread, listening to the apostle’s teaching, Gospel witness, daily prayer and so much more. These practices formed them as the people of God and shaped their way of living in the world.

God has led us to include various corporate and individual practices in the DTS design (in both Lecture and Outreach Phase) to actively engage the whole person, with the aim of cultivating godly desires that lead to growth. These practices (e.g. instruction from the Word, prayer, service in work duty) aim to facilitate the ministry of Holy Spirit in the heart of the disciple, helping us to live responsibly out of the reality of being in Christ together. Participation, engagement and application are key. Information alone is not enough to form and live out of our true identity in Christ. As we join and participate in a community of God’s people, engage together in Christian practices, re-tell what God has done for us in Scripture and connect and apply this in the stories of our lives, the Holy Spirit can powerfully strengthen our identity in Jesus Christ and our security in the Father’s love.