La Bible

The Bible, both the Old and New Testament, identified by the earliest followers of Jesus and passed on through the ages is God’s specific revelation of himself and his purposes for all humanity in the creation. The Bible primarily tells the story of God’s actions to create a people (porteurs d'image) in the context of a good creation, their tragic rebellion, followed by God’s actions to redeem his Image Bearers and creation through Jesus Christ.

Also, key to the story are the covenants God makes with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses-Israel, and David. Throughout the story, God faithfully fulfils his part of the covenant while people repeatedly fail to do their part. Nevertheless, God constantly seeks to restore his people.In his timing, God sends his Son, to become one of us (human)—Jesus. While remaining fully God, Jesus, as one of us, faithfully fulfils our side of the covenants. Jesus through his life, death, resurrection and ascension establishes the New Covenant.

Jesus is the True Image Bearer. Now, those who follow Jesus are included in God’s People and baptized with the promised Spirit. Presently, we are being renewed in the image of Jesus as we co-labor with him until he returns to establish God’s kingdom reign.

The Bible is our primary standard for living and with the help of Holy Spirit, it is to be read in a way that strengthens our faith, renews our mind and shapes us into the kind of people who make wise and good decisions.

Jésus, de par sa personne, ses actions et ses enseignements , est la révélation ultime de qui est Dieu. Au travers du don du Saint-Esprit promis, les disciples développèrent leur connaissance de Dieu en tant que Père, de Jésus en tant que Seigneur et Sauveur, et de L’Esprit en tant que leur aide et de celui qui donne la vie. 

Engaging the DTS in the Bible

Through learning to read Scripture with an awareness of the ministry of Holy Spirit to bring revelation, students can move from reading as a ‘duty’ to reading Scripture as a dynamic way to encounter the presence of God and live in his story.

The Bible is used in a way that strengthens our faith, renews our mind, shapes our heart desires and strengthens our wills to make right choices (read, meditate, Lectio Divina, study, memorize, sing, etc.). We provide an overview of the story of the Bible, including its main themes, and how individual books and stories fit into and contribute to the whole. We use Scripture in worship and intercession and praying for others.

Les concepts clés

The Bible tells God’s big story, revealing who he is, and his purposes for people and all creation.

The Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word and is our primary standard for living.

The Bible is to be used in a way that strengthens our faith, renews our mind and informs us to be able to make right choices (read, meditate, Lectio Divina, study, memorize, etc.).

La narratif biblique

Les parties principales de l'histoire de Dieu sont les suivantes:

Les thèmes clés

God’s Big Story from Creation to Renewed Creation

A focus on Jesus and the four Gospel accounts

Key people, Covenants, events and stories of God’s action toward us in both the New and Old Testament

Entering God’s Story: Finding your place in God’s people and history

Explore a variety of ways to engage the Bible

Matière à réflexion:

My best times in the Scripture are when . . . 

What is my attitude toward the Bible? What sections of the Bible am I drawn to? What sections do I avoid? Why?

Retell Bible stories in your own words. Draw your own illustrations or diagrams. Reflect on where you are in the storyline.

Spend some time reflecting on Psalm 119. Identify all the benefits of engaging with God’s Word. Bring your observations into a prayerful conversation with God and thank him for his Word.